Photozine 01: The Traveller

1st edition,

The zine was prepared as a catalogue for my exhibition in Neubrandenburg that opened on June 14, 2023. It contains the essence of the series till May 2023.

Paperback, 56 pages, A5

€ 5.00 + shipping (€ 2.00 inside EU)

Brandenburg Unplugged

The first and second edition are currently sold out. Due to extremely increased printing costs I could not yet decide on another reprint. Hardcover, format A4, 108 pages, printed on high quality Munken Lynx 170 paper.

Brandenburg is a region in Northeast Germany completely surrounding Berlin. Compared to the vibrant German capital it is a totally different world with a predominantly rural character. Brandenburg's capital Potsdam, where I live and which is known among tourists for its famous Prussian castles and parks – for instance Sanssoucis and Babelsberg castle - is an exception. But outside the few cities Brandenburgs population has alwas been sparse, then went down even more after the German re-unification. The countyside still offers many endearing oddities and relics of the other German country, the DDR (GDR). Yet this tide has recently turned, and there are more and more indicators of emerging businesses even in the most rural regions. There is a wind of change, and in my series "Brandenburg Unplugged" I have tried to capture the current state of transformation, and to conserve images from places that are about to disappear.